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Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregations in North America
2017 Synod Meeting in
Bogota, NJ. 

The Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregations in North America held it's annual meeting on April 29th and 30th in New Jersey, at the second oldest Estonian Lutheran congregation in the USA, established in 1929 - Bergen County Congregation.  The meeting was organized by Bishop electus Thomas Vaga and the congregation's chairwoman Malle Väärsi, who presented the attendees with a hearty breakfast and luncheon.

Participating in the Synod were the representatives of nine congregations.  The St. Andrews congregation was represented in writing.  Ministers attending included Bishop electus Thomas Vaga, who also ministers to the Lakewood, New York and Bergen County congregations, Pastor Uudo Tari for the Connecticut congregation, Pastor Gilda Karu for Chicago First congregation, Pastor Markus Vaga for Seakbrook and Baltimore congregations, Pastor Enn Auksmann for Los Angeles, and Pastor William Ilves for Schnectady-Albany.  Visiting as a guest was the pastor of the Trinity Lutheran church, Pastor Peter A. Olsen.

From the left:  Schnectady-Albany congregation chairwoman Eve Rebassoo, Cleveland congregation representative Airi Vaga, bishop electus Thomas Vaga, Bergen County chairwoman Malle Väärsi, NY St. Paul and  Bergen County treasurer Eha McDonnell, and Eena Mai Franz from St. Paul's congregation.

Second row from the left:  Schenectady-Albany pastor William Ilves, Los Angelese chairman Heino Nurmberg, Chicago First congregation pastor Gilda Karu, Tiiu Tari from the Connecticut congregation, Lakewood congregation representative Maarit Vaga and the Connecticut congregation pastor Uudo Tari.

Third row:  New York St. Paul chairman Sven Roosild, Seabrook and Baltimore pastor Markus Vaga, Seabrook chairman Harry Virunurm, Los Angelese minister Enn Auksmann and the E.E.L.C. treasurer Kuno Lill.


New Yorgi St. Paul's chairman Sven Roosild.

chairwoman Eve Rebassoo.

Seabrook Chairman
Harry Virunurm.

Seabrook ja Baltimore
pastor Markus Vaga.



At the Synod dinner.


Pastors Uudo Tari and Enn Auksman with Los Angelese congregation's Chairman Heino Nurmberg.


The Synod meeting ended Sunday with worship services at the Trinity Lutheran church.  Participating in the service were the Bishop electus Thomas Vaga, and pastors Enn Auksmann, William Ilves and Gilda Karu. The organist was Richard Tegtmayer.  


Pastor Enn Auksmann

Pastors Ilves and Olsen, Bishop electus Thomas Vaga and Pastor Tari.


Sven Roosild and Pastor Uudo Tari.

Pastor Uudo Tari and 
Bishop electus Thomas Vaga.


The next Synod (2018) will be organized by the Lakewood Holy Ghost congregation at Ocean Grove New Jersey.

Airi Vaga






Thomas Vaga was unanimously voted as the new E.E.L.K. Bishop at the May 2015 Synod meeting.  



The Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesto Synod is now officially registered as a charity in the State of New Jersey - June 2014


E.E.L.K. Churches

  E.E.L.K. BergenCounty Kogudus, NJ / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Bergen County,NJ

  E.E.L.K. Chicago Esimene Kogudus/Estonian First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois.

  E.E.L.K. Cleveland-Ohio Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Cleveland, Ohio

  E.E.L.K. Connecticuti Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Connecticut

  E.E.L.K. Lakewoodi Pühavaimu Kogudus / Holy Ghost Estonian Evan. Luth. Church  

  E.E.L.K. Los Angelese kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Los Angeles

  E.E.L.K. New Yorgi Pauluse Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Lutheran Church of St. Paul in New York  

  E.E.L.K. Schenectady-Albany Kogudus

E.E.L.K. Seabrooki Kogudus

  E.E.L.K. Toronto Vana-
Andrese Kogudus



Thomas Vaga is the new Bishop electus for the E.E.L.K. - May 2015

The Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod is now officially registered in the State of New Jersey. - June 2014


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