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 Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod - May 2015 Synod Meeting in Chicago

  Read about the Sinod meeting in English here.


Attending the Sinod meetings were - 
1st row from the left:  Airi Vaga, Kuno Lill, Valter Must, Heino Nurmberg, Thomas Vaga, Gilda Karu.  2nd row:  Ingrid Neel, Eve Rebassoo, Harri Virunurm, Ilvi Must, Sven Roosild, Eena-Mai Franz, Matti Jaanimägi, Dagmar Pöntiskoski, Aida Arita, Riina Klaas and Malle Väärsi.   Photo:  Dagmar Pöntiskoski.


 Chicago Eesti Maja - Riverwood, Illinois
Foto:  Tiiu Roiser


Deacon Pastor Gilda Karu presents Lennart Meri's film.  (TR)

Matti Jaanimägi gives a synopsis of his E.E.L.K. Chicago church activities. (TR)


Walter Must discusses the ELCES Bylaws.  To his left are Deacon Pastor Gilda Karu, Chairman of the meeting Heino Nurmberg from Los Angeles and recording secretary Airi Vaga.  (TR)










Bishop electus Thomas Vaga preaching at the Sunday church service.  Photo:  Dagmar Pöntiskoski.


The Sinod was lead by Los Angelese Chairman Heino Nurmberg ja recorded by Airi Vaga. (TF)





Coffee breaks gave time for discussion.

Malle Väärsi, representing Bergen County, NJ.  Foto:  Dagmar Pöntiskoski


Sven Roosild, Chairman of St-Pauls, New York, NY


Eve Rebassoo, Chairwoman, Schenectady-Albany, NY

Harri Virunurm, Chairman, Seabrook, NJ

Matti Jaanimägi, Assistant-Chairman, Chicago 


Riina Klaas-from St. Andrews, Kuno Lill-E.E.L.K. treasurer and Harri Virunurm-Seabrooki. 


Valter Must, Chairman, Lakewood, NJ

Thomas Vaga stresses the importance of having a web presence.



Luncheon served at the Chicago Estonian House. 




Heino Nurmberg, Los Angeles, CA  Foto:  Dagmar Pöntiskoski


 Deacon Gilda Karu, Bishop electus Thomas Vaga, and Matti Jaanimägi.


Dinner at  Buca Italian restaurant.




Sunday morning Church service.








Thomas Vaga was unanimously voted as the new E.E.L.K. Bishop at the May 2015 Synod meeting.  



The Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesto Synod is now officially registered as a charity in the State of New Jersey - June 2014


E.E.L.K. Churches

  E.E.L.K. BergenCounty Kogudus, NJ / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Bergen County,NJ

  E.E.L.K. Chicago Esimene Kogudus/Estonian First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois.

  E.E.L.K. Cleveland-Ohio Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Cleveland, Ohio

  E.E.L.K. Connecticuti Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Connecticut

  E.E.L.K. Lakewoodi Pühavaimu Kogudus / Holy Ghost Estonian Evan. Luth. Church  

  E.E.L.K. Los Angelese kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Los Angeles

  E.E.L.K. New Yorgi Pauluse Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Lutheran Church of St. Paul in New York  

  E.E.L.K. Schenectady-Albany Kogudus

E.E.L.K. Seabrooki Kogudus

  E.E.L.K. Toronto Vana-
Andrese Kogudus



Thomas Vaga is the new Bishop electus for the E.E.L.K. - May 2015

The Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod is now officially registered in the State of New Jersey. - June 2014


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