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June 2014 - The Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod is now officially registered in the state of New Jersey, USA.


March 2014 - There has been discussion concerning the needs and opportunities to update the ELCES (E.E.L.K.) Bylaws.  The original Estonian version as well as its English translation is being reviewed.  The review is to consider opportunities to provide each congregation with self-governance and to reduce the Archishop's (Bishop's) administrative rule.

The Bylaw Committee consists of:  Asta Auksman, Kalle Kadakas, Gilda Karu, Riina Kallas, Kuno Lill, Valter Must, Heino Nurmberg, Jüri Silmberg, Markus Vaga, ja Toomas Vaga.   



November 2013 - A meeting at which 9 congregations were represented was held in Lakewood, New Jersey on November 23rd, 2013.  In order to continue the existence and charitable status of the Eesti Evangeeliumi Luteri Usu Kirik it was decided to register the ELCES (E.E.L.K.) in the State of New Jersey with the USA government.  The decision was signed by 19 names.  

Since the English translation of the Estonian name might cause confusion with the existing EELK church, it was decided to register the church with the English name of Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod.  

It was decided unanimously to continue working under the agreed agreement made by Archbishop Udo Petersoo, that the ELCES (E.E.L.K.) and EELK churches are in theory one Estonian Lutheran church, but with two distinct administrations.  On the basis of this agreement, the doors of the ELCES (E.E.L.K.) are open to everyone and all EELK members are welcome at any of our services and to participate in Holy Communion.

Aprill 2013 - The Chairman of the Los Angeles congregation presented information about the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church ’s historical background and its current status including the continuation of the church’s work.  This presentation led into a lively discussion about the congregations that did not join the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad Diocese and their operations and opportunities in the future.  Based on the presentation and discussions it was determined that there was a need for a leader for the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church congregations.  It was decided to elect an acting Bishop as the leader.  It was also suggested that the church leader would additionally carry the title President, as is done in the United States by Lutheran church Synod leaders.

The Assistant Dean of the USA First Deanery, Jüri Pallo, explained that the leadership position falls upon the oldest serving minister from the day of his ordination.  In the United States , this would be the minister for the Connecticut congregation, Assistant Dean (ret.) Valdeko Kangro, but who, because of health issues, does not wish to take on such responsibilities.  The next in line for this responsibility lies with Dean Thomas Vaga who has as been ordained for 40 years.  It was decided that Dean Vaga would take on the title of Acting Bishop.  The outcome of a vote by congregation representatives also gave him the responsibility of organizing the future work of the congregations.  A volunteer supporting Committee was also established consisting of Lakewood Holy Ghost’s congregation chairman Valter Must, Deacon-pastor Gilda Karu, Los Angelese congregation chairman Heino Nurmberg, Deanery secretary Agu Ets, and from Canada, Jüri Silmberg and Riina Klaas.



At the very early stages of developing our identity and presence, the website is launched for the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregations League.  



Thomas Vaga was unanimously voted as the new E.E.L.K. Bishop at the May 2015 Synod meeting.  



The Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesto Synod is now officially registered as a charity in the State of New Jersey - June 2014


E.E.L.K. Churches

  E.E.L.K. BergenCounty Kogudus, NJ / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Bergen County,NJ

  E.E.L.K. Chicago Esimene Kogudus/Estonian First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois.

  E.E.L.K. Cleveland-Ohio Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Cleveland, Ohio

  E.E.L.K. Connecticuti Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Connecticut

  E.E.L.K. Lakewoodi Pühavaimu Kogudus / Holy Ghost Estonian Evan. Luth. Church  

  E.E.L.K. Los Angelese kogudus / Estonian Evan. Luth. Church of Los Angeles

  E.E.L.K. New Yorgi Pauluse Kogudus / Estonian Evan. Lutheran Church of St. Paul in New York  

  E.E.L.K. Schenectady-Albany Kogudus

E.E.L.K. Seabrooki Kogudus

  E.E.L.K. Toronto Vana-
Andrese Kogudus



Thomas Vaga is the new Bishop electus for the E.E.L.K. - May 2015

The Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod is now officially registered in the State of New Jersey. - June 2014


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